Sabicol is a manufacturer and seller of rest equipment with optimal qualities. We research and study new manufacturing processes with the intention of creating a product that is environmentally friendly and adapted to the needs of the customer.
There is nothing in our life in which we have invested as much time as in the rest. At Sabicol, we have been searching for perfection for 25 years and seeing our products improve every day is something that fills us with pride.

Our trade name comes from the union of the word sabina and mattress. The sabina is a tree cultivated mainly in Alicante and can reach 500 years of life, but time and human action have turned it into a species in danger of extinction.
The sentimental link between the founding family and this tree made Sabicol the ideal name to undertake a business venture.

Sabicol was created to respond to all those people concerned about their rest. Motivated by this motivation, we have created a catalog of innovative products and solutions to suit everyone.

Sabicol is in constant movement, researching how to obtain the perfect harmony between the components of the mattress and the customer. The new raw materials, technologies and designs that cross our path, allow us to continue with the same inspiration with which we started, searching and researching with natural products to revolutionize the rest.
Our growth in the sector means that over time, Sabicol is seen as a reference company in the world of rest.


Our main concern is to offer a customized rest, so we have a wide range of products adapted to each individual and their needs.


In Sabicol we are committed to constantly modernize our products and manufacturing processes. Foams such as Evodry or Natural Latex, systems such as aromatherapy or duo, etc., make our mattresses the ideal support for an optimal rest.


Since our inception, we have been committed to the environment. All our mattresses and pillows are 100% ecological, as well as the manufacturing techniques. In this way we can offer ecological mattresses, with anti-mite treatments and aromatherapy systems.


Trusting Sabicol means trusting a leading company in rest systems with more than 30 years of experience. It should be noted that both raw materials and manufacturing processes are carried out in national territory.